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Welcome to Franco Investigation Services Ltd.

At Franco Investigation Services, we’ve been serving our clients with pride since 1969! As a leading Toronto private investigators firm, FIS is a full-service organization. At FIS we conduct both highly complex investigations as well as investigating routine concerns. And we do it all with the highest level of professionalism and with an exceptional eye for detail.

As a result, over the years, we’ve earned the confidence of many of Canada’s largest law firms, insurance companies and corporations. Yet what’s more important to us is knowing we’ve earned the trust of so many ordinary Canadians. People who have relied on us to help as they face personal challenges spanning a wide range of concerns. After all, our service motto is “we understand — and we can help”. That motto applies to every case we handle.

You May Be Facing a Confusing Problem

Like some of our clients, you may be facing a confusing problem in your home or business life. Perhaps it’s a problem with a spouse or close family member. It might be that you need to gather details and facts which appear elusive and daunting.

Or it may be that you’ve discovered a theft or an act of fraud in your place of business. It might even be an act perpetrated by someone you thought you could trust. Perhaps you’re confronted with a criminal matter or an issue of civil liability.

Therefore you may be uncertain about where to turn or whom to trust. We want you to know that we understand those feelings can be overwhelming. More important, we want you to know you can trust us to listen, and you can count on us to help.

We Take a Professional and Discreet Approach

At FIS, our approach to finding the information you seek is professional and discreet. After all, we’ve been solving investigative problems, both big and small, since 1969. Our skilled and experienced field investigators operate 24 hours a day. If you have an urgent situation at home, or an emergency occurs in your business, call us. We understand – and we can help!

We are experienced in all facets of private investigation. From resolving routine concerns to conducting the most complex investigation assignments. Our staff manages everything from uncovering corporate thefts to collecting evidence in domestic issues. We perform everything from criminal investigations to civil liability cases. We handle domestic cases, we conduct surveillance, and we investigate missing persons. We conduct background investigations and forensic computer examinations.

What about confidentiality?

We understand you need to keep your issues confidential. You want to tell your story to one person. You want to tell it only once and you want the least number of people to be aware of the facts in your case. We want you to know that we’re serious about our commitment to your privacy. We maintain the highest professional standards for confidentiality. We adhere to Canada’s stringent privacy laws. We know that many of the issues brought to us are of a personal and sensitive nature. We want you to know that we treat those issues with the discretion they deserve.

We will always respect your privacy. When you call us to help with your concern, we will communicate with you only as arranged in advance. We’ll deliver results only through secure methods worked out with you ahead of time. You’ll receive no emails, no unexpected correspondence, and no unrequested communication.

So, you can complete an on-line information request form through our web site and we’ll answer your question just as fast as we can. But instead, we encourage you to avoid leaving an online footprint and get in touch with us “old school”. You can call us in Toronto at (416) 785-5720, or out of town at 1 (844) 654-4468. Our telephones are answered by a live operator or investigator during business hours. And if we’re not available, we will return all confidential messages within a single business day.

What About Cost?

We understand cost is always important. We can often help assess your needs with an eye towards your budget. In fact, we’ll never charge you when you come in to see us for a consultation or to understand your problem. We strive to give you insight into the cost of an investigation right at the start.

If your case is straight forward it may lend itself to one of our affordable rate packages. Or you can discuss budgeting more complex investigative assignments. We will help you understand what you might be facing and help you choose the level of service you might need.

How long does it take?

We understand that when you need information, you need it now! We can often respond to your investigative request as quickly as right away. Yet we understand the difference between speedy results and quality information. We strike the right balance between both. We won’t report conclusions until all the facts are in, but we know that time is of the essence.

We want you to know that we understand human nature. When you face a serious problem you tend to think the problem is unique to you and so, that you face it alone. It’s hard to imagine something quite like this has ever happened to anyone else. But you’d be surprised. Over the years we’ve helped clients facing just about every situation imaginable. So no matter how unique or unusual you think your problem is, we want you to know that you don’t have to face it alone. We’re here to help. We understand that each of our clients are different. And yet quite often, we understand the commonality of their concerns.

“WE UNDERSTAND — AND WE CAN HELP” is not just a motto to us. We are a leading Canadian private investigation firm, and we’re here to help. Our understanding is one forged by decades spent helping individuals just like you. Call us today and let’s get started.

Franco Investigation Services. We understand – and we can help!

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