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Photographic and Video Evidence


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. Can anyone really argue with that expression when so much of what we seek to discover can be established and proven with a single piece of photographic evidence or surveillance video image?

Images Help Tell The Story

Few things can tell a story better than a compelling photograph. An image can help the viewer understand circumstances relevant to the scene of a crime. A surveillance video can provide irrefutable evidence of an individual’s actions and conduct.

And these days, the expression ‘unless I have a picture it didn’t really happen’ also has currency – it’s as though only by seeing photographic proof of an event can one truly appreciate the event it depicts. One thing hasn’t changed: producing a well-timed photograph or compelling video in court still has tremendous impact.

A qualified private investigator equipped with the latest surveillance video technology has the ability to show the facts beyond the shadow of a doubt. No wonder then that the goal of a field investigator — whether using SLR cameras with a wide array of lenses or the latest in digital video technology – is to capture the photographic evidence in visual form.


Sloppy handling or an investigator’s inexperience can rob your pictures of their legal value. The body of laws in Canada governing the admissibility of photographic evidence and videos is broad and ever-evolving; however what never changes is the importance of properly managing photographic evidence to ensure it remains relevant and admissible. Perhaps because images are so powerful, the law is strict when it comes to surveillance video and photographic evidence. It must be carefully handled, carefully managed, and properly stored in order to ensure that it remains valid and relevant during the court process.

The answer to these questions can impact the admissibility of photographic evidence and therefore, cast doubt on the images themselves. That’s why the photographic experts at Franco Investigation Services are trained and uniquely qualified to help ensure photographic evidence is securely and reliably managed and stored. Modern technology has provided an incredible number of options and levels of flexibility and yet the same basic guidelines regarding presentation and continuity of evidence remain, whether the image has been taken through traditional means or via one of the many covert methods available.

Our range of photographic and video equipment, both traditional and covert, provides us with an almost unparalleled opportunity to document investigative activity and allow clients to see and feel the events as they occurred.

Let us show you what decades of experience can do for you.