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Corporate Investigation

A man stairs at his computer screen contemplating what to do about the information he sees.

Every business owner has been concerned at one time or another about the threat posed by internal thefts or sabotage. And for good reason, since the dollar-loss caused by internal irregularities can be huge. You expect employees to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity—but sometimes they don’t; you expect suppliers and contractors to be diligent and forthright in their business relationships with you—but sometimes they’re not. At some point, every business executive must ask themselves whether they may be missing crucial information needed to keep their operation running at peak efficiency. And if so, what can they do about it?

The answer is to conduct a full corporate investigation.


Our corporate investigation services division is designed to help Ontario business owners and managers get the facts they need to make the most important and impactful decisions to their organization’s bottom line. Whether dealing with thefts, fraud, possible employee drug use, potential sabotage, pilferage or time theft, at some point, almost every business will suffer losses from some or all of these issues – it’s almost inevitable. The challenge comes in ensuring you can react quickly and effectively towards discovering a loss and minimizing the impact it might have.

Problems need to be resolved right away, and pressing issues cannot wait. That’s why you need the professional corporate investigation services offered to you by the industrial investigation professionals at Franco Investigation Services. Our internal corporate investigation services can provide you with timely and accurate investigative results to help you gain the facts needed to make critical decisions right away. Fast, accurate and discreet, we help you answer the most important questions in your business.

A surveillance investigator in his vehicle reviews camera footage as he reports his findings while speaking on a cell phone.
A factory worker standing on a wooden pallet uses equipment to move heavy barrels on a skid.


Tackle the threat of internal theft or fraud head-on through a comprehensive corporate investigation. We have the experience and know-how to help conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and investigate areas of internal system abuse. From conducting a comprehensive undercover investigation to in-depth employee assessments and routine integrity checks, at Franco Investigation Services, our comprehensive corporate services help you learn the truth about your business.



A full scale undercover investigation can provide a fundamental and thorough insight into the state of your business. Whether through a single agent or a team of undercover operatives, there is no greater tool to help examine the health and welfare of your organization at its most basic level, the production floor. Interaction and direct observation allows our undercover investigators to obtain detailed information on problem areas within your company. We can uncover issues such as internal theft, substance abuse, morale issues, safey concerns and more. Our experienced management team can provide you with a better understanding of your operation on every level. No other approach can provide as significant an insight into the well-being of your company than a full-scale undercover operation.



In today’s highly competitive business climate, organizations must innovate to stay ahead. The loss of internal and confidential information can greatly damage your business. Once information is leaked, its gone forever and with it, any competitive advantage you may have had. Our team of internal and corporate investigation specialists are trained to help you secure your confidential information and prevent anyone from accessing internal details. From comprehensive security surveys and internal audits to a full range of security consultation services; from employee background screening to a detailed security analysis. We can help you identify developing problems before they become large and costly.