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Working Out-of-Town

A client asked us to help locate a spouse believed to be living out of town on extended business. The problem was that the subject would not provide a physical address or even a general location, and insisted on communicating only by email or text. Finding this behaviour highly disturbing and out of concern for the subject’s safety, we were asked to locate the exact current whereabouts and confirm that the subject is safe.

In reviewing the available leads and the bulk of information provided, our investigators began to note disturbing inconsistencies. They were concerned about one individual with whom the subject had been involved in the past, and were suspicious the subject might not actually be away at all. An intensive local investigation finally revealed the subject still living in the city. In fact, surveillance video showed the subject in a unit with that same old acquaintance, as well as a newborn child.

Unable to accept the findings, when shown the report and videos our client was convinced the spouse must have taken time away from a very busy schedule in order to help this new and obviously ill-equipped parent look after the needs of this newborn child.