Is your mind working overtime trying to figure our if you're with a cheating spouse?


Everyone has wondered, at least on some level, about a cheating spouse…the faithfulness of those we love. Whether young or older, male or female, married or in a relationship. It’s natural to feel at least some doubt about the person you’re with and wonder if they might be hiding something from you, especially an affair or adultery. It’s normal to wonder if you have a cheating spouse.

While occasional doubt might be normal, if you find yourself dwelling over the truthfulness of almost everything they say or do, you may need help in separating fact from speculation.

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Is It Just Imagination?

Human beings are endowed with remarkable imaginations. Our minds help us create and achieve; dream and evolve; come up with amazing solutions to the most daunting of problems. But unchecked, our imagination can also lead us to anguish, frustration and despair.

As Edward Franco of Franco Investigation Services says, “in the absence of facts, the imagination tends to fill in missing details”. And boy, does it ever. When you already have some serious doubts about your partner’s infidelity,

 it’s hard to think about anything else. That’s why it’s important to turn to a professional private investigator early. Conducting discreet surveillance or a confidential background investigation can furnish you with the facts you need to help you know exactly where you stand or if you are dealing with a cheating spouse. That’s really the most effective way to find out if the problem is real, or imagined.

You Need to Know the Truth Rather Than Face the Doubt of Not Knowing

A private investigator can confirm and present you facts so you can know the state of your relationship. In short, an investigator can present you with the truth. Evidence is often backed up by discreet video and detailed reports accounting for your partner’s time as well as their actions and activities. By having the facts well in-hand, you can determine whether your partner has been telling you the whole truth, as opposed to only the the bits they wish to reveal.According to Mr. Franco, a cheating spouse will usually tell you only what they think they have to or what they believe you might know already.

“We often see clients who are so highly emotional and anxious about suspicions of infidelity they can barely function or think straight”, says Mr. Franco. “We understand. They are struggling to know the truth”, he says. “But very often when facing personal crises, well-meaning people can’t see how doubt and uncertainty can take control of their lives”.

Mr. Franco explains that after retaining his services and once facts are in, the transformation can be remarkable to witness. “A client who may have been debilitated by doubt and uncertainty suddenly gains clarity and with it, a new-found sense of confidence and focus”.

Starting A Matrimonial Investigation

According to Franco Investigation Services, the first and most important thing to do in commencing any investigation, but particularly one as sensitive as a cheating spouse investigation, is to document as many details as are possible respecting the subject of the matter.

Your investigator needs to know the subject’s day-to-day schedule and activities as far as you might know them. For example, your private investigator needs to know the subject’s usual mode of transportation; whether driving, using public transportation or even car share. When does the subject leave home and what is a regular return time? Do they attend a gym? Are there any hobbies or social organizations they’re involved with? If so, do they usually attend alone or with known contacts?

Mr. Franco explains that at Franco Investigation Services, once his team of field investigators have a clear handle on the basic information and outline of the case, they go to work creating a detailed plan of action.

Some subjects may be active on social media and cyber investigators can begin in creating a digital profile. At other times, field investigators might focus almost entirely on surveillance to determine general activity. For example, identifying where the subject goes and what he or she might do; how much time they spend engaged in their activities; who they spend time with and where.

Video can often provide a compelling record and investigators try to obtain images which help make the facts more easily understood.

What About the Other Person?

When evidence of a relationship is found, investigators go to work identifying the third party, also referred to as the “co-subject”. This term refers to “the other person” in a matrimonial-related investigation once evidence of a relationship has actually been established.

Identifying a co-subject may be a little more complicated than it seems. Unless a client already knows the co-subject by sight and well enough to clearly recognize the individual from a video or photograph, proper identification of the co-subject is crucial. It’s not enough to have an image, regardless of how clear the picture is – an individual is seldom identified  through an image alone.

It may also be insufficient to identify a car they drive – it may be borrowed or registered in a business name. Instead, co-subject identification often requires the investigator to continue surveillance until such time that the co-subject

attends and remains at a residence or place of work. It’s important to know they belong at that location rather than just a temporary guest. If surveillance uncovers a place of residence, agents can then conduct further background investigation in order to learn the individual’s name; their possible marital status; whether they might own the home, as well as possible financial information. Through discreet surveillance, it’s possible to learn who else lives at the home, for example a spouse or children.  In this manner, we are able to offer a detailed account of who your cheating spouse is involved with.

Through background investigation or further surveillance it’s may be possible to confirm a place of employment and occupation.


Under Canada’s Divorce Act, if you intend to divorce on the grounds of adultery, then you need to provide evidence that your spouse is involved in an extra-marital relationship involving sex. However there are other grounds under which one might petition for divorce that  might be cheaper and easier.  For example, through separation.

To do so, the applicant would basically need to prove they  have been living apart from a  spouse for at least one year. And if one cannot  afford to maintain a separate residence, they might still able able to proceed if they can show that the relationship between the spouses has deteriorated to a point where it does not resemble a marriage.

According to Franco Investigation Services, obtaining a divorce on the grounds of separation can be far simpler for the applicant. However, they say clients who retain their services to conduct infidelity 

investigations on a cheating spouse are doing so not for the purpose of proceeding with divorce, but simply to know where they stand in their relationship. They may be intent on working to save a marriage, but recognize it’s pointless if their partner is not being completely honest.

The ultimate benefit clients obtain from conducting a matrimonial investigation is to confirm the truth. If a spouse is maintaining a relationship behind your back, you need to know! If they are lying to you about their activity or finances, you need to know! If they refuse to take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge the pain of what they’ve done, you need to know!

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