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surveillance - investigation


The internet can provide a wealth of information, but it won’t tell you the whereabouts or activities of the subject you seek. Twenty-four hour news channels provide a continuous news cycle but don’t report on the details most vital to your business or personal life. These are areas where only a qualified, experienced and capable surveillance investigator can report.


A surveillance investigator in his vehicle reviews camera footage as he reports his findings while speaking on a cell phone.


A qualified surveillance investigator should be able to see without being seen, to hear without being heard, to collect details such as where a subject goes; what a subject does; how he might conduct himself when he has no idea anyone’s paying attention. Whether establishing detailed round-the-clock activity or periodic observations, our surveillance investigators provide the facts and information you need to answer your most pressing questions.

Discreet and Confidential

There is no doubt we live in an information age. Both because of the huge volume of information all around us, and the ease with which we can learn more. But some types of information aren’t available online, or from a database, or from social media. This is the type of information which can only be acquired through surveillance services performed by a capable surveillance investigators


In the absence of facts, the imagination can sometimes fill in missing details, which can lead to unfounded conclusions and unnecessary anxiety. With thorough factual information you can ensure that you have the details needed to answer your most pressing questions.

Deal with facts, not Speculation


Surveillance is the method that can catch a cheating spouse in the act, catch a crooked employee red-handed, or identify the whereabouts of missing property. It discloses direct evidence; eyewitness accounts that our experts can testify to in court.

A skilled surveillance investigator, to be effective, must understand that surveillance is both an art and a science, but most of all our surveillance specialists are able to understand that it requires a passion for truth, a passion for detail, a commitment to answer the most essential questions necessary in the investigation process. Whether round the clock or around the country, our surveillance experts can help you get the detailed information you require.

Surveillance is both an art and a science. Let us show you what we can do.



Surveillance is a well-recognized and highly regarded method of collecting information based on the subject’s actions and activities. Our surveillance investigators comply with all Canadian laws, regulations and best practice guidelines when conducting surveillance so you can be confident about the quality of the information you receive.


Our highly skilled surveillance investigators have a thorough grounding in this highly sensitive branch of investigation. They venture into the field trained in the most efficient surveillance methodologies, equipped with both the techniques and the technologies to gather the information you require and to give you a new understanding of your situation.


Our investigators possess the latest still and video capable systems and equipment allowing us to produce the best quality images available throughout a surveillance assignment. From general identification to detailed activity, images tell a story and our surveillance specialists provide you with an exceptional narrative.


Part of high quality surveillance requires understanding the importance of absolute discretion and confidentiality. You can trust the expert surveillance investigators at Franco Investigation Services to use the utmost in discretion to ensure your matter remains confidential.


Affordability is very much a question often asked, especially in the area of surveillance – how much will it cost and will it be worthwhile? It’s often been said that it’s better to pay a little bit more than you want as opposed to a little bit less than you should. Franco Investigation Services strives to provide an affordable quality surveillance service. We don’t cut corners, but we can often find the most efficient schedule and approach to save you money.


Clearly we are good at surveillance — some of the country’s biggest insurance companies rely on our surveillance to unearth evidence of fraud in bodily injury cases, while marquee-name corporations turn to us to uncover thefts, prevent sabotage, and identify workplace drug use.

We have earned the trust of our clients day by day, assignment by assignment and we will strive always to provide an impressive level of service and responsiveness to your surveillance needs be it local, national, or worldwide. Whether domestic, insurance, or corporate, trust the experts at Franco Investigation Services to get it done right.